Nosferatu’s Shadow – Edinburgh Horror Festival Review

Performer: Michael Daviot

Venue: The Banshee Labrynth, Edinburgh


An iconic image of German expressionism and of horror movies in general – the legendary Max Schreck and his influence is honoured by this play.


This monopolylogue brings Schreck (Michael Daviot) back to tell all about his career in film, before and after his iconic portrayal as Nosferatu. Amongst his own history, the impact of Nazism and war on Schreck’s own life, bring a strongly poignant undertone relating to Britain today and the steady increase of bigotry seen nowadays.


Daviot’s demonstration of Schreck’s acting history is flawless as he embodies the catalogue of characters fluently and transitions between them seamlessly. Even the presentation of personal qualities such as the actor’s love for his wife and of nature presents such a wondrous insight to who he was as a person. While Nosferatu’s Shadow is a lovingly excellent tribute to Schreck, it is also an outstanding demonstration of Daviot’s own talent.


Michael Daviot is a founding member of the Edinburgh Horror Festival. Future events held by the group can be found on their official website.

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