Ross Hepburn is BeetleJuice’d – Edinburgh Horror Festival Review

Performer: Ross Hepburn

Venue: The Banshee Labrynth, Edinburgh,


You’d probably expect a comedian’s debut show to be mainly about their life and the funny little moments that happen. Usually, some typical themes that we’ve all seen, heard, or experienced. With Ross Hepburn, however, you get much more – You get BeetleJuice’d.


Fresh off his run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Hepburn brings his first solo show to the Edinburgh Horror Festival: the perfect event for such a sensational show. BeetleJuice’d is essentially a die-hard fan appreciation extravaganza for the Tim Burton classic. With elements about his personal issues with Aspergers, Hepburn explores his fascination with BeetleJuice that started from a young age.


Adorned in the iconic striped suit, Hepburn bursts onto the stage akin to his hero and maintains impressively high energy throughout. The comedian masterfully weaves through the highs and lows of human emotion to control the atmosphere of the room. Even if a heckler throws a curve ball his way to disrupt the flow, Hepburn hits it right back in their face. Noteworthy is his bravery to discuss his own mental health onstage in such a candid and trustful way that demonstrates that nothing is off the table for this rising comedian. BeetleJuice’d is more than just a stand up set; it is a film analysis, self-reflection, and sing-along rolled into one entertaining spectacle.


His favourite film could have been one of those dull training videos found in every tragically monotonous workplace and he’d still be able to make it hilarious. If there is anyone who can bring honour to that legendary madness on stage, Ross Hepburn’s your man.


Future gigs by Ross Hepburn can be found on his Facebook page and on Twitter: @standupRoss.

Nosferatu’s Shadow – Edinburgh Horror Festival Review

Performer: Michael Daviot

Venue: The Banshee Labrynth, Edinburgh


An iconic image of German expressionism and of horror movies in general – the legendary Max Schreck and his influence is honoured by this play.


This monopolylogue brings Schreck (Michael Daviot) back to tell all about his career in film, before and after his iconic portrayal as Nosferatu. Amongst his own history, the impact of Nazism and war on Schreck’s own life, bring a strongly poignant undertone relating to Britain today and the steady increase of bigotry seen nowadays.


Daviot’s demonstration of Schreck’s acting history is flawless as he embodies the catalogue of characters fluently and transitions between them seamlessly. Even the presentation of personal qualities such as the actor’s love for his wife and of nature presents such a wondrous insight to who he was as a person. While Nosferatu’s Shadow is a lovingly excellent tribute to Schreck, it is also an outstanding demonstration of Daviot’s own talent.


Michael Daviot is a founding member of the Edinburgh Horror Festival. Future events held by the group can be found on their official website.

Deep Read – Edinburgh Horror Festival Review

Performers: Writers Bloc

Venue: The Banshee Labrynth, Edinburgh


 Writers Bloc is back with some tales to terrify!


After a two-year hiatus from performing, the company made a powerful return to the stage. Deep Read showcased a wonderful array of self-penned horror stories from the ensemble, all with their own variation on the theme. The group weaved through the highs and lows of emotion with their beautifully thought provoking and genuinely funny work. Deeply imaginative, intense and yet light-hearted at times – this show was a greatly entertaining highlight of the festival.


My only criticism: it left me wanting more!


Writers Bloc’s future events can be found through their Facebook page here.