Fanciful Creatures and Where to F*** Them – Edinburgh Horror Festival Review

Director: Oliver Giggins

Performers: Chris Townsend, Des O’Gorman, Rory Macleod, Helene Kostadinova

Venue: The Tron, Edinburgh


Fanciful Creatures features jibes at many characters from popular fiction that lovingly ridicules them – sometimes in the most perverted ways possible. The show took aim at many narratives such as Ghostbusters, The Exorcist and The Blair Witch Project and twisted them to their will. Although, the setback with the show is how heavily this would feature.


Overall, the show was hit or miss as its reliance on niche material led to some scenes being drawn out too long. There were a few interesting takes on the stories they chose but not really enough to entertain throughout. Most of the sketches seemed pretty copy and paste, relying on a very set structure that gets monotonous after seeing four or five of them. Thankfully, the company’s inclusion of original content that fits the theme was refreshing to see, specifically (and not to reveal too much) Ouija board Tinder. I’ll let you imagine the rest.


However, one cannot say that the comics didn’t do their best. Fanciful Creatures had a wonderful array of performers where the ensemble established their talents onstage, both together and separate. If not for these performers, the show would not have worked at all. For those who’d enjoy a raunchy take on a Harry Potter house elf, I would recommend this be for you.

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