Hero Worship – Edinburgh Fringe Review

Writer/Performer: Kenny Boyle

Venue: C Nova, Edinburgh


Hero Worship is a late entry to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival but better late than never!

The show follow the life of a grown orphan who go through his life as a ‘superhero’. With a beautifully rhythmic text, we see him battle with his arch nemesis — his own inner demons.

The hero paints his ideal world on stage as comic books fly through the air, wanting to live in amongst a world of fantasy and mystery. This eventually diminishes as his problems come to light through a narrative of superhero references and blunt revelations. The monologue masterfully weaves through the highs and lows of the character and his experiences, taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster.

Boyle’s performance is nothing less than mesmerising. He is a fearless entertainer who doesn’t hesitate one bit to venture into the dark sides of his character and to get the audience involved in the action. His presence and energy onstage is appealing and easily motivates the audience to follow and do what he says. Safe to say he is one of the best performers present at this years Fringe.

Kudos must be given to the show’s capacity to be open for all ages, especially when it deals subjects that can be extremely grim. All in all, Boyle’s self-penned show present incredibly light and hopeful analysis of the dark cloud that follows many.

Hero Worship runs until the 29th August.

Image Credit: Kenny Boyle

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