Clown Cabaret Scratch Night

Alice Cooper as the Official in 'Bean Counter'
Alice Cooper as the Official in ‘Bean Counter’

Venue: Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh

Date: 21st November 2015

Taking place in what seems to be a quiet part of the city of Edinburgh, the Clown Cabaret Scratch Night certainly livened up these cold wintry Saturday nights.

From philosophy to panthers to Piaf: hosts Melanie Jordan, Saras Feijoo, and Tim Licata have gathered a large variety of clowns to provide something for everyone to enjoy.

The first performances set the mood for the night – ‘Diogenes’ and ‘Mindfulness’ took real life and managed to present a ridiculous and comical side to real life by ever so slightly skewing it. Following on was Philip O’Shea’s ‘Panther’, a seemingly predictable sketch at first before he takes the audience down a very unexpected and hilarious path.

‘Vow Chicka Vow Vow’ and ‘The Loyal Liar’s were next – two very different but very funny scenes. While the former offered a more traditional side of clowning and the latter was more like a magic show/skit, both shared the ability to sweet talk the audience by including them in the pieces before knocking them out with powerful punch lines.

The second half of the night opened with Clownstepping’s own Saras Feijóo who performed ‘It’s Happening Now’ – a colourful piece that relit the space after the interval literally painted a smile on everyone’s face. The rest of the show exhibited more character-based acts: a lively resurrected Beethoven, and an Edith Piaf tribute act both generously mocked and praised the people they were pretending to be. Last but not least to be mentioned: Alice Cooper’s ‘Bean Counter’ was debatably the best on the night – perfectly messy (literally). Throughout the piece, it was impressive to see how Cooper maintained her character while being able to use every random occurrence to the performance’s advantage – keeping the audience constantly in the palm of her hand.

Overall, the hosts of the night were able to curate a fantastic selection of performers – all of which deserve kudos. Unfortunately the scratch night only takes place twice a year, but when the time comes for the next show – go! I personally promise that this will be a fantastic addition to your weekend.

Check out the Clown Cabaret’s website here for all updates and future events. They are also on Twitter: @ClownCabaretSN. Image Credit: Mihaela Bodlovic

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